Rajasthan is a true state of contrasts, and Rajasthan travel reflects that as it is the “Land of Kings”. From desert bush to holy lakes one thing that is hard to grasp for the visitors is the complete size of the place. Most of the places in Rajasthan is well connected to Delhi and North West of India by railways and tourists can visit any place easily.


It is the Part of the Golden Triangle and the capital of Rajasthan. Jaipur was famous for being the “pink city” and for its wonderful palaces. The reality is Jaipur is a dusty, noisy and crowded city that is used to tourists with plenty of money and little time to transfer. The push starts on arrival at the train station where you can expect to be met with determined offers of transport from the moment you have one foot out of the train.

Amer Fort

The main sights of Amer Fort or Amber Fort and City Palace are not missable and the top sights for good reason. The Hawa Mahal is also the best place for tourists.


Pushkar does not have any responsible travel qualifications but it is a great way to experience some of the cultures of Spiritual India in Rajasthan. Pushkar Lake is around which the town is formed and is said to have been formed when a lotus flower fell from the hands of the Lord Brahma. It is also the only place in India where you can find many Brahma temples. Apart from the odd temple visit, it is a Hindu Pilgrimage Town and so alcohol is not allowed in Pushkar. Pushkar is famous for the Camel Fair which is conducted each year.



It is also referred to as The City of Lakes or the Venice of the East. It is branded as India’s most Romantic city. Watching the morning mist clear over the mountains beyond the Lake Pichola from the battlements of the City Palace will be an outstanding sight. Also, Udaipur is well connected by bus and rail.


It is also known as “The Blue City” and it has a real local charm that leaves many travelers hooked. The Mehrangarh Fort is as histrionic as forts even come in Rajasthan. Towering over the city it is visible from wherever you are and there are many hotels and guest houses in Jodhpur have wonderful views of the fort. Jodhpur’s charismas reach beyond its fort. The remote town of Osiyan also boasts some magnificent Jain Temples.


It is described as appearing out of the Great Indian Desert like a mirage. Jaisalmer Fort looks like a giant upside-down sand castle. It is a different type of fort than others in Rajasthan in that it is still a living fort. Camel Safaris play an energetic role in the area economy.


Bikaner and Bundi:

The Junagarh Fort has some of the places for tourists. There is also a beautiful old city to explore and a very colorful Jain Temple known as Bhandasar Temple. Bikaner is a great substitute to Jaisalmer and it has plenty of camel safari but with fewer crowds.

Junagarh Fort