The tranquil and serene ambiance of the arid lands of Jaipur is widely preferred by those who have an avid fascination towards historian eras and the formal cultures of western India. The renowned tourist spot of India is famous for its various forts situated among the vast stretches of desert landscapes that are monumental towards the evolution of India. While providing the historical essence with monumental forts of maharajas and sultans the desert capital of India is also famous for various lakes and alluring architectures that were constructed way back by the dominant Rajputs. The pink city has a glorious history of Rajput who was the dominant rules of former western India. The Rajputs and their history have been the greatest influence on the culture of Jaipur even now. The formalities and the tradition of the culture are still maintained in various households and can be glimpsed while strolling through busy market areas.

If you are planning to explore to the large palaces and monuments situated among the desert horizons and get accustomed with the rich cultures and glorious history of Rajput then you must visit the following forts of Jaipur that are widely renowned.

Amber Fort
The fort is based upon mirror works endeared within the surrounding walls and is the perfect example of historical magnificence. With light and sound show conducted in the evening, the fort and its history come alive at the end of dust. The beautiful architecture of the fort has often been used in various Bollywood flicks that dived into the former era.

Jaigarh Fort
Consisting of large canon wheels the fort was built upon in the medieval era. At that time Jaigarh fort was recalled as Diwa Burj and till now it has been maintained profoundly. The battle-hardened fort provides a scintillating view of landscapes and panoramic views of cities through its high top watchtowers. Proving captivating view of the surrounding landscapes of Jaipur the fort is also known as ‘Cheel Ka Teela’.

Nahargarh Fort
Sunset sceneries can be enchanting as if viewed from the upper staircases of the fort. Located high up on the hills of Aravalli the fort is a famous picnic spot with foods stalls serving drinks and snacks to visitors. If you can then take a stroll near the fort at night.

Bhangarh Fort
The historical spot is widely renowned for its spooky ambiance especially during the night and a favorite among the youngsters. The haunting essence within the architectural ruins can is sure to develop the curiosity while delving into its historical significance. To enjoy the thrill make sure to stroll before sunset.

Achrol Fort
Perfect outlet for trekking and explore ring the fort is the perfect example of historian adventure. Situated along the outskirts of Jaipur the fort is the perfect spot for various adventurous sports. If you wish to go for rappelling during the morning hours while absorbing the beauty of nature then Achrol is the ideal location.


Jaipur offers the proper blend of old and new with historical forts built during the medieval times and sultanate era retaining its essence in the new generation. Traversing through gigantic historical landmarks of Jaipur takes time and as well as drain your energy. For convenience, you should look over the Jaipur sightseeing taxi services by Rajputana Tours India as they cover all these historical spots.